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Not yet and the hardest "no"

Happy May!

May is such a busy time for us both as teachers and as a family. Mary's birthday fell right on Mother's Day and we had a couple of rain days to delay celebrating her fourth birthday, but we finally got the chance last weekend to give her a super hero party. It was almost as delightful and she is. I cannot believe the way time passes when you are marking time by a child. It is incredible.

Anyway... I wanted to take a break from the celebrating and the cleaning up and the grading and the exam writing and the occasional sleeping to update ye ol' blog on our adoption.

I was talking with a friend at Mary's birthday party the other night and she asked if we have any sort of a timeline. It is a question I am asked a lot. We can guess that we should be able to match within a 6-12 months because we are fairly open... we are not selective about race or gender or anything of that sort and are open to children up to three years old... and we are using a multi-attorney/a…

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